Land Based Underwriters, There When it Matters Most: Farm Fire Insurance Claims

Unexpected incidents can happen at any time. Farmers secure farm insurance policies for the worst-case scenario in the hope that never happens but in reality, when it does happen, the true value of a farm insurance underwriter shines through. With livelihoods on the line, having a trusted partner who understands the nuances, risks and intricacies of farming life and assets can make all the difference. Let’s dive into a recent case study to showcase how the services offered by Land Based Underwriters go above and beyond to assist distressed clients in devastating circumstances. 

The Farm Fire

A farmer called in a catastrophic situation as one of their barns had caught fire. This situation was one where time was of the essence and immediate assistance was required. Thankfully, four fire engines were already on site however, our dedicated fire insurance claims team also sprang into action. 

Leveraging our network, and unique farm insurance underwriting expertise, our team contacted and mobilised relevant resources required to address the situation. Quick and decisive action set in motion a series of events and efforts much needed to aid the situation. 

At Land Based Underwriters, we understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest issues in the agricultural industry. That's why we keep our ears close to the ground and work closely with our clients to protect them from the increasing risk of fire-related environmental damage

Land Based Underwriters on the Scene

Seeing how serious the situation was, our crew made a quick trip to the location. Their attendance was more than just a formality; it was an earnest attempt to support the farmer through a difficult period. They gave the farmer confidence in Land Based Underwriters' backing, gave reassurance, and explained the process.

The Expertise of Our Partners

In addition to our in-house team, we also rely on a network of experts, partners and Insurance underwriters, who specialise in loss assessment and claims processing. These professionals bring their knowledge and experience of Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance to the table, ensuring a swift and effective resolution to the situation.

Land Based Underwriters: Setting a Benchmark 

Genuine care and individualised attention to the farmer in light of the farm fire set Land Based Underwriters apart from other insurers. Apart from handling the claim and offering essential help, we also provide steadfast support and expertise throughout a turbulent time. We recognise that a farmer's assets are more than simply buildings; they are essential to their way of life and losing them might have far-reaching consequences.

In the end, the farmer gets the help needed to deal with the problem. In addition to receiving financial assistance, they have a committed staff that is aware of the complexities of their case and works very hard to lessen the suffering caused by a terrible circumstance.

We understand that navigating internet discussions or spending long hours on the phone simply adds to the stress, especially considering the nature of these situations.

If you’re a broker looking for assistance in analysing the unique risks involved in farming insurance, get in touch with our expert insurance underwriters today who will be happy to help with your client's requirements.