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Welcome to Land Based Underwriters

LBU are at the forefront of innovative farm insurance policies. We understand the gaps conventional insurance cover brings and we actively provide solutions to ensure both you and your clients are protected.

We've teamed up with major global insurers, trusted by the world's leading industrial and commercial enterprises to bring farm insurance brokers comprehensive smallholding, environmental liabilityvintage tractor, and agricultural vehicle insurance cover that plugs the holes of traditional policies.

Our product range is continually being developed so you can be sure we are leading the market.

For more information on the products we provide, click on our Products tab above or call us on 01590 624427.

Not an agricultural insurance broker with LBU? Get in touch and we'll do the rest.

Who are LBU?

Land Based Underwriters (LBU) was created specifically to offer cover for what was found to be an immense gap in the farm insurance market. When the new Environmental Regulations came into force, standard public liability policies did not provide adequate protection.

Founder and Director, Roger Morgan DipCII of Farm & General Insurance Consultants Ltd, identified the shortfall and launched a campaign raising awareness among the UK's leading insurers and farm brokers. A powerful relationship was created with a leading global insurer and LBU was developed. Since then, we have continued to identify farm insurance areas in need of development in order to meet the demands of modern living and business practice.

Discover Our Products

Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

We've teamed up with a major global insurer, trusted by the worlds leading industrial and commercial enterprises to bring you a comprehensive Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance policy.

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

Discover how you can partner with LBU to offer customers a range of agricultural vehicle insurance, from a single tractor to an entire fleet.

Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance

Our smallholding insurance policy is specifically designed to protect small farms and smallholders and is available for enterprises up to 100 acres.

What Our Clients Say

At LBU, we build strong relationships with our clients, and we are proud to share some of their testimonials.

"We at CoverMarque have found the assistance of LBU invaluable. They took the time to clearly explain the potential gap in cover which could be filled with Environmental Liability insurance in a way which we have been able to easily explain to our customers to help them see the need for cover."

– John Keat, Account Executive at CoverMarque

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