LBU's Essential Guide to Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance

Navigating the complexities of insurance for small farms or smallholdings can be daunting, but LBU is here to simplify the process and ensure full protection. Unlike regular home insurance, our Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance covers the unique aspects of smallholding life, from the land to the diverse activities carried out upon it.

Our comprehensive packages combine crucial coverage areas into one manageable policy. We are pleased to offer three levels of cover for Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance: silver, gold, and platinum, all in proud partnership with Aviva and XL Catlin.


Public and Product Liability Insurance

Safeguarding against damages or injuries caused by farming activities, environmental liability to address potential pollution issues, and employer's liability, mandatory by law, for any casual or regular help farmers might employ.

Farm Buildings Insurance

 We also dive deep into protecting assets, covering farm buildings, machinery, produce, and livestock against various perils such as fire, theft, and natural disasters. Moreover, our policies are adaptable to include specific risks like livestock diseases or damages during transit, ensuring a tailored fit to every farmer’s unique needs.

Environmental Liability Insurance

A critical component in LBU's Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance, acknowledging the extensive environmental legislation developed recently. This aspect covers damage to flora, fauna, land, air, and water, beyond what standard public liability policies cover since the environment is not considered 'third-party' property.

Our policies ensure environmental liability coverage, including sudden accidents and gradual damage, such as a fuel leak affecting a stream. With legislation requiring clean-up and compensation until the environment is restored, our policies offer a minimum of £1 million cover for such claims.

Livestock Insurance

At LBU, we understand the complexity of livestock insurance and the value of all farm animals. Crafting a policy that covers every possible risk can be cost-prohibitive.

Instead, we recommend focusing on significant risks, ensuring standard coverage for common perils, and extending protection to include injury or death during transit, straying, and specific concerns like flocks of sheep attacks by dogs. For those needing more, we offer specialised coverage, such as 'full mortality' for disease, through consultations with our farm insurance experts. Always consider policy limits of values ranging from £25,000 to £100,000.

Land Based Underwriters Define: Smallholdings

It's essential to remember that smallholdings are often seen as a lifestyle choice rather than commercial farms, typically limited to 100 acres or less, with some policies imposing turnover limits. Coverage might be confined to the main address or extend to additional land used away from the primary location. As the insurance landscape evolves, we encourage smallholders to assess the reputation and stability of insurers, ensuring they choose a policy that aligns with their unique needs and activities.

At LBU, we understand the diverse nature of smallholdings and recognise that the definition can vary across the insurance industry. It is crucial to view livestock rearing and crop cultivation as primary smallholding activities, with any additional ventures considered secondary. This could include activities like DIY livery or operating a bed and breakfast. Our policies are designed to cover a wide range of activities, with certain ones automatically included.

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Understanding that a smallholding is more than just a piece of land, our policies accommodate a variety of activities and business ventures, supporting your lifestyle and passions. Land Based Underwriters Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance is designed to evolve alongside your smallholding journey.

Gain peace of mind with LBU, where protection for small farms or smallholdings comes with the assurance of expertise and a comprehensive approach to insurance. Get an instant quote from Land Based Underwriters today for a partnership that grows with the farming industry's landscape.